MIUI ROM for HTC Amaze 4G: MIUI 4.1.2 And Android 4.2.2

So far, we have flashed and tested several ROMs for the HTC amaze 4G at Aryk Enterprise workshop but, the MIUI 4.1.2 which has android version 4.2.2 is likely to be the most welcomed ROM for the HTC Amaze 4G by our customers. Within this page, we include the download link for this MIUI ROM and a short review of the ROM for the HTC Amaze 4G.

How to Correct Nokia Phones Contact, Call Log Errors

Sometimes, your Nokia phone may fail to read the phone contacts, show error message in displaying call logs or fail to show call logs at all. Also, it may no longer be able to store or save new contacts, here within this write up, we discuss how to solve this kind of problem without flashing the phone.

Flashed New ROM? How to Correct Bootloop, Hang On Boot Errors

In case you have just flashed a new ROM on your android device and you discover that the phone hangs on the first main logo whenevr you try to boot the phone on or, that the phone restarts whenevr it's booting on; within this write up, we discuss possible errors you may have made and how to correct them.

How to Switch BBM Contacts from Blackberry Device to Another

For one reason or another, you might want to switch your Blackberry device and hopefully, you will want to move all your BBM Contacts with all other stuffs to the new Blackberry device you wish to continue with, here are some simple guides that would help you proceed without any difficulties.

Android 4.4 ROM for HTC Amaze 4G

Since the introduction of the Android 4.4, some thinkers have being thinking of a way to develop android 4.4 for some android devices that may never get the android 4.4 version pushed onto them by their original producers and among these devices is HTC Amaze 4G, ruby. Here, we discuss the first 3 android 4.4 ROMs for HTC Amaze 4G based on experience.

Mobogenie, the Best Google Play Store Alternative for Apps Download

In case the Google Play Store does not satisfy you or, for any reason, you just want an alternative to theGoogle Play Store on your phone, here is a very good alternative app to the Play Store.

Android Radio FM: Access Hundreds of Radio Channels Worldwide

Download Android Radio, one of the best radio app for your android device and gain access to over 1,000 radio stations worldwide.

How to Upgrade An Android Device

Within this write up, we discuss how an android device could be upgraded, steps to take and the guides to follow so, just read ahead.