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Android Data Plans Finally Coming Out -Airtel Introduced it First

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 3:34 PM 0 Comments
The much anticipated data bundle (Plans) for the android devices is finally coming out and is first introduced by Airtel Nigeria.
Based on the experience I have had with the Airtel Nigeria, the android data plan is friendly and price competitive.

How to Fix "iTunes library.itl Error" On Fresh Installations

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 7:04 PM 0 Comments
One of the most expected errors you might experience when you uninstall a newer version of iTunes and re-install an older version of iTunes on your PC is the "iTunes unable to load library.itl..." error message.
This "iTunes unable to load library.itl..." error prevents the newly installed iTunes from opening up or causes it to malfunction.

Etisalat BIS, BES For Blackberry 10 Series Cheat: No More Working

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 3:34 PM 0 Comments
Recently on Aryk Enterprise blog, we shared a hint on how to use the Blackberry BIS, BES on Blackberry 10 Series including the configuration settings that would enable you browse like the normal Blackberry device using any Nigeria network.
Regrettably, we recently noticed that the configuration settings no longer work for Etisalat users using the settings we have provided.

10 Nokia Phone Problems that Demand Flashing

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 12:32 PM 0 Comments
Just for knowing sake or any other reasons, we have compiled ten (10) problems or issues that might be facing your Nokia phone and of which, flashing the phone might be the last resort to resolve the problem.
In case you don't know, flashing involves clearing your Nokia phone's system files and in so doing, replacing the phone's system files with entirely new one.

How to Get 100 Free SMS from Glo to Any Network Daily

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 11:31 AM 0 Comments
If you are the type that uses SMS much more than calling or that you simply need SMS to complete certain tasks, here is how to get free unlimited SMS from Glo daily.
If you already have Glo line all you have to do is to follow the guides given below to begin enjoying your unlimited SMSs from Glo.

HTC Vivo_w ICS ROM: HTC Incredible 2 ROMs

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 5:19 PM 0 Comments
If you ever feel like to choose from a wide selection of ROMs for your HTC Vivo_w also known as HTC Incredible 2, here is a list of ICS ROMs you can choose from.
Often times, its hard for you to differentiate between HTC Incredible 2 and Incredible S by mere looking and as a result of this, most people flash Incredible S ROMs on HTC Vivo_w, which is also HTC Incredible 2

ABC Mobile Phone Software Engineer Video Tutorial Package Now Available

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 2:29 PM 0 Comments
For about two years, we at Aryk Enterprise have being halping people become a sound mobile phone software engineer and to make it even more easier; the video tutorial package is now available for you.

Access Etisalat Service Codes With Just One Code

Posted by Olayinka Sanni-Arewa at 8:43 AM 0 Comments
The need to know all the Etisalat Service codes is no longer necessary as you can now access all Etisalat Nigeria service codes with just one code.
For example, you might want to migrate your Etisalat tariff plan from EasyCliq to EasyStarter then, register one U&ME etisalat number. It easy now, you only have to dial a single USSD Code.

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