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HTC Vivo_w ICS ROM: HTC Incredible 2 ROMs

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     5:19 PM  No comments
If you ever feel like to choose from a wide selection of ROMs for your HTC Vivo_w also known as HTC Incredible 2, here is a list of ICS ROMs you can choose from.
Often times, its hard for you to differentiate between HTC Incredible 2 and Incredible S by mere looking and as a result of this, most people flash Incredible S ROMs on HTC Vivo_w, which is also HTC Incredible 2

ABC Mobile Phone Software Engineer Video Tutorial Package Now Available

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     2:29 PM  No comments
For about two years, we at Aryk Enterprise have being halping people become a sound mobile phone software engineer and to make it even more easier; the video tutorial package is now available for you.

Access Etisalat Service Codes With Just One Code

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     8:43 AM  No comments
The need to know all the Etisalat Service codes is no longer necessary as you can now access all Etisalat Nigeria service codes with just one code.
For example, you might want to migrate your Etisalat tariff plan from EasyCliq to EasyStarter then, register one U&ME etisalat number. It easy now, you only have to dial a single USSD Code.

Free Screen Recorder For Windows 7

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     2:07 PM  No comments
I am sure you may have had about some Windows programs that captures static images of your Windows PC. For example, you may wish to capture a section of your PC or, a particular Window, operation, anything on your PC and save in a photo/picture format such as .jpg or .png.
Here, we will discuss how to record dynamic images of multiple operations that are being run on your Windows PC and save them in a video format specifically, .avi video format.

Free Windows 7 Hacktivator Download: Activate All Windows 7

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     3:55 PM  No comments
Just in case your Windows 7 is no longer genue and is requesting for the activation key, you can now activate any version of Windows 7 using this free working Windows 7 hacktivator.

Configure your Blackberry 10 to Use MB, Even Bonus MB-Any Network

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     7:45 AM  No comments
Earlier, we discussed how you could configure your Blackberry 10 series to use the normal BIS or BES subscriptions, now, we would discuss how to configure your Blackberry 10 series to use MB, even the data bonus given to you could also be used using this configuration setting.
This Blackberry 10 series include the Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5 and all other Blackberry devices that are stocked with the Blackberry 10 OS.

iPhone Disabled? Enable it Without Restore (Without Factory Reset)

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     4:50 PM  No comments
As a security measure, if you ever forget the access code for your iPhone and you enter the incorrect code on the iPhone for a number of times, iPhone disables the phone until factory reset is done on the iPhone before it becomes accessible again.
Here, within this article, we explain how you could remove the security code on the iPhone without performing the restore (restoring factoring settings)

Configure your Blackberry 10 to Use BIS Sub -Any Network

Olayinka Sanni-Arewa     6:06 PM  No comments
Do you know that you can actually use the normal Blackberry Subscriptions on your Blackberry 10 series? Thus; your Blackberry z10, Q10, Q5 and other Blackberry 10 series can also be configured and use the normal BIS or BES subscriptions. Within this article is how to configure your Blackbery 10 series to use BIS or BES subscriptions.

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