How to Set Bluetooth Storage Folder on China Phones

On most China made phones like Techno, iTel amongst others, you have to specify the storage folder on which files that are sent to you from other bluetooth devices are being stored or saved. And in most cases; phone memory is set as the default storage folder.
Since common China made phones don't have large in-built memory, you will have to change the default bluetooth storage folder and this is how to:

How to Change Default Storage Folder for Bluetooth Files

For you to be able to receive larger files like musics, videos, HD images and others on your China made phone from external bluetooth devices, you would need to change the storage folder to memory cards and to change it go to;

Enter Menu <<>> Bluetooth <<>> Option <<>> Settings <<>> FTP <<>> Shared Folder (Change it to memory) <<>> Received Folder (Change it to memory)
And that's all.
I hope you find this short tutorial useful whenever you need it.

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