Recently, we discussed how to install whatsapp IM messenger on any java phones that is powered with at least, GPRS Packet data service and can browse the internet and we have provided a Download Link for the whatsapp IM Messenger.

Now, we wish to discuss some of the feedbacks we are able to gather from some of the early users of the Whatsapp IM Messenger for java phones.

FeedBacks And Suggestions

1- Users that have downloaded the Whatsapp IM Messenger for java phones on basic Nokia java phones like 2700 classic, C2-03, Nokia 202, 3120c amongst other Nokia java phones reported that it works perfectly on their phones.
According to them, you don't have to install the Whatsapp IM Messengwer on the phone once you have copied the folder on the phone as explained on the download page, the Whatsapp IM Messenger appears automatically within the folder -you only have to lunch the app and start PINGING AWAY!!!

2- As for LG and Samsung java phones users, once you have copied the folder on the phone as explained on the download page, you have to click on either the .jad or .jar file of whatsapp IM Messenger within the folder on the phone before the installation could be completed.

3- On some Nokia phones like, 3110c, 5200 and few others, it is reported that the installation is successful but when lunching the whatsapp IM Messenger on the phone, it says "Certificate not on phone or SIM"
To correct this kind of error, you may have to flash your phone or free up more memory space on the phone itself.
To download the Whatsapp IM Messwenger on any java phones, simply Click Here.

If you have any questions to ask, comments to make or opinions to add, simply use the comment box below;

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  1. has anyone been able to install and run it on LG GM360?

  2. Hai.admin..the proces is nt workng in nokia c1-01..when trying to open that app..it shows invalid file.whats the pblm.

  3. Whats app process is not working on my c1-01...while opening app ,it's showng invalid app.why?

    1. When i try to open in Nokia C2-01
      it says invalid application
      please help

  4. Hi... Has anyone installed on lg kp500?
    I have been able to install successfully but wen i begin to run it tells me "not supported" pls help me solve this problem.

  5. does anyone using wp on corby 2........ please help...